Marilyn A. Norconk, PhD

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Marilyn A. Norconk

ANTH - 68630 - Principles of Biological Anthropology


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ABOUT THE COURSE: The purpose of this course is to provide all Master’s students in anthropology with a foundation in the core principles of biological anthropology. The five bioanthropologists in the department will give lectures that will not only highlight their own research, but will also provide you with a comprehensive survey of the history of evolutionary theory, relevant aspects of human biology and genetics, human paleontology, and primate social behavior and ecology. That covers quite of lot of the field. Biological anthropology has grown in diversity and breadth since Washburn declared that the “new” physical anthropology was underway in 1951. But, we could legitimately date the origins of research on the evolution of humans to the publication of the Origin of Species in 1859 – 150 years old this year. In fact, natural selection is essentially the leitmotif of the course.