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About this site

Sorry, I still haven't quite decided what this site is supposed to be yet - -

So far it is kind-of a random collection of various interests and educational pursuits and more often than not, a convenient drop box to share information.

Most of the content is in someway related to presenting information on the internet. There are multimedia examples of my work and tutorials on how to create content. I'm starting an online journal that contains information about...how to make an online journal which can be found at http://joomla.slis.kent.edu/vkelly/. Eventually I'll merge these two sites...

My photo website is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/val_kelly. I'm also part of a group that has started a video blog site - http://www.leadingwedge.com.

Hopefully some of these interests will start to coalesce into a coherent website in the not too distant future.


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If you have comments, email me (Valerie Kelly) at vkelly@kent.edu.