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Valerie Kelly - a personal website

Papers and Tutorials

This site contains samples of my work and other helpful information (primarily about creating online courses).

My personal site will be undergoing many renovations. So, check back - I will be experimenting with weblogs, podcasting, learning objects and more...

Downloads you may need:

To play mov's -you'll need Quicktime player. You can get a free download at: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/win.html

To play wmv's - you'll need Windows Media Player - free download at: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/AllDownloads.aspx?displang=en&qstechnology=

M4v's will play in iTunes (just drag and drop) and on your video iPod.

For any of the Flash (swf's) pieces you'll need a Flash player - free download: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/


Guide for Online Course Development (Faculty)

Zipped Guide for Online Course Development

Process Overview for Online Course Development

Zipped Word Doc (for downloading): Process Overview for Online Course Development

Presentation (zipped)

Creating a Course in Vista (using Learning Modules) (KSU Faculty)


Materials for ETDL iTunes Conference

Podcasting Basics

Using Audcacity beginning editing - video (wmv)

Audacity Guide (doc)

Audacity Guide (pdf)

Example of a podcast used in an Economics course (excerpt - mp3)


Enhanced Podcasting

Knowing Refugees enhanced podcast (wmv)

Tutorial on creating Knowing Refugees enhanced podcast with Windows Movie Maker (pdf)

Tutorial on creating Knowing Refugees enhanced podcast with Windows Movie Maker (doc)

Files for recreating Knowing Refugees podcast (zip file)

Enhanced Podcast PowerPoint

Mom's Pond enhanced podcast (wmv)

Tutorial on creating the Mom's Pond enhanced podcast with Adobe Premier Pro


Video Podcasting

Videocasting PowerPoint

Creating Reality - videography basics (ppt)

Examples of different types of lecture presentations:

Classroom lecture videotaped live for review:


Video Examples

Discovering Rick Rubin example of machinima animation (wmv)

About Machinima: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machinima

CMJ Cleveland Music Fest (mpeg)

CMJ Cleveland Music Fest (mov)

Videocasting with an Improv group...http://www.leadingwedge.com

Enhanced podcast - (file and size comparison - all 480x360)

Mom's Pond (mp4-6563 kb)

Mom's Pond (wmv 6764 kb)

Mom's Pond (swf 13 kb, flv 6547 kb)

Mom's Pond (mov 6796 kb)



Introduction to VideoBlogging
(this audio presentation was made with Articulate)

Beginning of Articulate Presentation - Shahriari (rough draft). (will need flash player to view this)

Using PowerPoint Producer (Video PowerPoint)

Example of PPProducer presentation

Learning Anytime, Anywhere - Using podcasting in an Economics course.

Creating and Using a Learning Object - Start to Finish,
PowerPoint Presentation - 7th annual WebCT User Conference

Storyboarding a course for Vista (PowerPoint)



Adapting the Theories of Online Education to Online News Sites


Graphics Examples

Company Logo (doc)


Examples of content for online learning

Role-playing Flash movie

Patriot Act Flash video


Flash Drag 'n Drop Quiz

Screenshot of Vista course

PowerPoint Producer Video Presentation

Link to Camtasia Demo


More about online learning

Learning Objects

SCORM and Flash

RSS and Online Journalism

Using XML and Flash

Podcasting and Videocasting




Comments or questions about this site? Email me (Valerie Kelly) at vkelly@kent.edu