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In case you're wondering...

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Sample podcast - WS_30011.mp3


Charu - Here's the usability video (wmv format)

Greg -- Here is Cindy's 12-12-12 Presentation



The Doppler Effect (Rock School Show)

Song 1 (mov)

Song 1 (m4v - iTunes)

Songs 3 + 5 (mov)

Song 3 + 5 (m4v - iTunes)

Here are the sound files - you can go to bed now, Aaron...

Song 1 (mp3)

Song 2 (mp3)

Song 3 (mp3)

Song 4 (mp3)

Song 5 (mp3)


Kimpton Jazz Band (mpeg)


Patriot Act Flash video

LaPlaca Flash

LaPlaca HTML


Here's the link to the virtual tour - http://newmedia.kent.edu/projects/admissionVT/video.htm -


Videoblog site:



A couple of cool videos -- CLIO award winners:

This contained no computer effects - just 250,000 balls in San
Francisco: http://www.bravia-advert.com/commercial/braviacommhigh.html

The other one really is a cast of thousands:






A Quick Trip to Africa

If it doesn't play: Flash Player 7 (download)


new site


JMC - latest


NMC Photos


JMC - Endres (Flash)

JMC - Endres (HTML)




Interview 1 (Sawyer/Vardaris)

Interview 2 (Vardaris/Wilcox)

Interview 3 (Vardaris/Tanski)

Interview 4 (Sawyer/Vardaris)


JMC Webcast

drag target quiz1fla quiz2fla



This is for you, Jackie!

Presentation beginning

Flash Player 7 (download)


Flash test files


JMC Test Webcast - requires Flash Player 7 (download)


Video files (comparison)

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WMV - 529 KB

This WMV was imported into Flash - embedded into the timeline and published as a .swf. I didn't take the time to create a player in this movie. The file size will be larger when that is included.

SWF (embedded video) - 1921 KB

The WMV was imported into Flash and exported as an FLV. A video controller was built into Flash and published as a .swf. The .swf communicates with the .flv (the .flv can be placed anywhere - as long as the file path is included in the swf file).

SWF - 74 KB, FLV - 1999 KB

The WMV was imported into Premier Proand exported as a MOV. Sorenson Spark Codec was used (because this is what Flash uses on import). The following files have been exported at different quality levels to try to compare file size/quality against the Flash videos and WMV.

Best quality MOV - 9470 KB

Medium quality MOV - 4301 KB

Lowest quality MOV - 2815 KB


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