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Using Google's Blogger - -

1. Go to www.google.com and select "more" from the menu. Under Google Tools, select Blogger.

2. The directions on the site are quite explicit. You can choose from template provided there. It will take about 10 minutes to set up.

3. Create a new post.

skipping ahead...

You've created a blog and would like to create an Atom or RSS Feed so subscribers can

4. Blogger does this automatically. Open your blog, choose the Settings tab, set Publish Site Feed to "yes" and Save.

5. Go to http://www.feedburner.com

6. Enter the address of your blog, for instance - http://about123.blogspot.com

7. Feedburner will generate a feed address: http://feeds.feedburner.com/AboutStuff

8. Put a link on website or blog to allow people to subscribe to this feed.

i.e. Wow - subscribe to Val's blog!

This PowerPoint on Videoblogging has much more detail about creating a blog (about half way through the presentation).