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Learning Objects

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These two learning object modules were made with the same Flash movie. The XML file contains the data for these modules. Therefore, they can be modified without opening Flash.

Economics Learning Object

Learning assets for this module: 1976 graph , 1980 graph, 1984 graph, 1988 graph, 1992 graph, 1996 graph, 2000 graph, 2004 graph. These are all .jpg files.

The graph was generated courtesy of Dr. Kathryn Wilson, Economics Dept., Kent State University.


Art Learning Object

Learning assets for this module: Degas picture (The Dancers, 1899), Monet picture (Nenufares), Renoir picture (Oarsmen at Chatou, 1879)


XML data file - This file can be opened in any text editor.

To create your own Flash module:

Create your own jpg files - these will need to be placed in a folder called: images (Because that folder is in the path listed in the XML file.)

Edit the text (shown in green in the example below). Notice the goofy tag names, i.e. <trips>, this is because this is a file I borrowed and changed (but, didn't bother to change the tag names).

<trip name="1976">
<description>When Jimmy Carter became president, the Gross Domestic Product was $1,974 Billion and the Gross Debt was $629 Billion.</description>


World War Two Learning Object



Learning Object Repositories



Learning Object Resources

- Macromedia eLearning

- New Media LO Initiative

Different approaches to handling the reusability of learning objects (automated, by hand, by community)


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