David M. Fresco, PhD
Curriculum Vitae
Department of Psychological Sciences
226 Kent Hall Annex
Phone:  330-672-4049
Fax:  330-672-3786
Personal Website:
Post Doctoral Fellows  

Laura Kiken, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Postdoctoral Research Associate, PERL / Serenity Study
Graduate Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University
Previous Research Experience:
Virginia Commonwealth University: Shook Lab (Attitudes & Social Cognition); Social & Affective Neuroscience Lab
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Positive Emotions & Psychophysiology Lab
Research Interests:
Broadly, I am interested in psychological attributes of meditation and how they relate to health and well-being.  Much of my work has focused on mindfulness. I am interested in mechanisms through which mindfulness-oriented meditation practices may reduce stress and distress and promote adaptive functioning, both in healthy individuals and in those coping with disease.  I also have begun to study specific spiritual beliefs related to meditative experience and their potential “light” and “dark” sides.    
Dissertation: Preventing Guilt By Association: Mindfulness and Susceptibility to Evaluative Conditioning (Defended: July 2012)

Joshua Pollock, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow, PERL & KENL
Graduate Institution: University of Akron
Previous Research Experience: University of Akron EEG Laboratory
Research Interests: I am interested in the neurophysiological markers of emotion regulation, emotional arousal, and cognitive regulation. My research utilizes neuroimaging approaches such as EEGs to investigate these processes and to look for a relationship between good performance on them and healthy aging.
Dissertation: Modeling Age Differences in Real World Decision Making (Defended: May 2014)
Project Coordinators  
Monica Fallon, M.A.
Project Coordinator, Serenity Study
Undergraduate Institution: University of Arizona
Master's Institution:
University of Arizona
Previous Research Experience: Grief, Loss, and Social Stress Laboratory
Research Interests: I am interested in psychoneuroimmunology and the mechanisms in which stress contributes to the pathology of psychological disorders and chronic illnesses. Additionally, I am interested in novel and innovative methods that reduce stress as well as the effects of social support and mindfulness-based interventions in improving prognosis.
Master's Thesis: The effects of yearning on the HPA-axis: Reactivity to a virtual trier social stress test (Defended: May 2014)
Megan Strowger, M.S.
Project Coordinator, Serenity Study
Undergraduate Institution: Drexel University
Master’s Insitution: University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Previous Research Experience: Social Anxiety Treatment and Research Program, Eating Disorder Research Program, Cognitive Neuropsychology Lab
Phone: 330-672-2201
Research Interests: I am interested in the mechanisms of interoception and what role it plays in dispositional mindfulness and emotion processing. Particular clinical populations of interest are individuals with anxiety and mood disorders. My recent research utilized an interoceptive sound manipulation to see if exteroceptive exposure to interoceptive sounds would elicit demonstrable changes in emotional theory of mind and emotion recognition.
Master’s Thesis: Interoceptive Sounds and Emotion Recognition (Defended: July 2016)
Graduate Students  
Kathrine Shepherd
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student (Entered: Fall 2011)
Undergraduate Institution: Skidmore College
Previous Research Experience: Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
Personal Website:
Research Interests: Emotional processing dynamics in major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder; Implicit and explicit emotion regulation; Cognitive, neural, and physiological predictors of treatment response in mood disorders.
Master's Thesis: Decentering from distress: Regulating negative emotion by increasing psychological distance (Defended: March 2014)

Ryan Lackner
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student (Entered: Fall 2013)
Undergraduate Institution: Indiana University Bloomington
Personal Website:
Research Interests: mindfulness-based therapies; affective science; neural correlates/mechanisms of emotion processing and treatment outcomes; metacognition and decentering; consciousness and self-awareness; acceptance and compassion; effects of mindfulness/meditation on emotion regulation; integrative, mind-body medicine; empirically-supported treatments.
Master's Thesis: Interaction Effect of Brooding Rumination and Interoceptive Awareness on Depression and Anxiety Symptoms (Defended: January 2016)    

Luke Heggeness
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student (Entered: Fall 2015)
Undergraduate Institution: University of Miami (FL)
Previous Research Experience: University of Houston: Anxiety Disorder Clinic (ADC); Anxiety and Health Research Laboratory - Substance Use Treatment Clinic (AHRL-SUTC)
Personal Website:
Research Interests: Cognitive, behavioral, and affective processes underlying motivation; treatment/prevention of anxiety and emotional disorders via mindfulness-based practices; substance abuse; and stigma.

Stanley Seah
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student (Entered: Fall 2016)
Undergraduate Institution: National University of Singapore
Previous Research Experience: Department of Psychological Medicine, National University Hospital (Singapore); Department of Psychology, National University of Singapore - Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation Lab; Pain Lab.
Personal Website:
Research Interests: Depression; emotion regulation; mindfulness and acceptance-based interventions; neural/biological markers and mechanisms of treatment
Visiting Scholars  
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PERL Mascot  
PERL Mascot
Research Interests: Mindfulness-based dog therapy (MBDT); separation anxiety; behavioral predictors of treat reception; structural equation modeling.