Spain 2004

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Spain, May of 2004

Where: Barcelona and the Pyrenees foothills

What: Field work to find early Eocene fossil crabs

Who: Dr. Feldmann and Dr. Schweitzer

Collaborators: Pedro Artal of the Seminario de Barcelona and Barry van Bakel, of the Natuurhistorisch Museum of Maastricht in The Netherlands

Dr. F and Dr. S examining the collections in the Museo de Seminario in Barcelona, where the collections of the late Luis Via are kept.  Photo by B. van Bakel.

The Pyrenees Mountains in Catalonia, near where we conducted our field work.  Photo by R. Feldmann.

Dr. S and Pedro examine fossil crabs in a reef structure northwest of Barcelona.  Photo by R. Feldmann.

Barry, Pedro, Carrie, and Rod, in the field northwest of Barcelona.  Photo by Pedro's amigo.

Beautiful Romanesque church in the Pyrenees.  Photo by R. Feldmann.

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