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International Liquid Crystals Society

Society of Information Display

Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University

Photonics and Displays Group at Central Florida University

Centre for Display Research at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Liquid Crystals Group at University of Colorado at Boulder

Liquid Crystals Group at Case Western Reserve University   

Polymers and Liquid Crystals at Case Western Reserve University

Liquid Crystal Group at University of Hamburg

Multiplexing Studies of Holographically-Formed Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals: Morphology, Structure and Device Applications (by 2004 ILCC Multi-Media Prize Laureate: Adam Fontecchio)

FCPM: Imaging of Liquid Crystals in 3D (2002 ILCC Multi-Media Prize Laureate: Ivan Smalyukh)

Banana Liquid Crystals (1998 ILCC Multi-Media Prize Laureate: Mario Mueller)

Liquid Crystals:a Simple View on a Complex Matter by B. Senuyk.

Kent State SPIE Student Chapter

Kent State SID Student Branch

Kent State OSA Student Chapter


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