Jenny Roche, Ph.D. (Primary Investigator): I am starting an Assistant Professor position in the Speech pathology and Audiology program, in the College of Education and Health and Human Services. I am a Cognitive Psychologist by training, but have a number of interests related to low level speech perception, pragmatics, context, social & action dynamics, and affective speech during interactive communication. I am primarily interested in the cognitive mechanisms involved in successful and unsuccessful communication in both typically and atypically developed language users.I was a recent CLS (Center for Language Science) postdoc at the University of Rochester, working with Michael Tanenhaus and Florian Jaeger. I was awarded my Ph.D., in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Memphis with Rick Dale and received an M.A., from James Madison University in Cognitive Psychology and B.A., in Psychology with Michael D. Hall. For more information, please check out my personal website:

Graduate Students

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Schea Fissel& Anna Tomayko, Mike Eskanazi (Psychology), Ashley Abraham (Psychology)

Undergraduate Students

questions-1014060 960 720Blair Casarotto, Rachel Gibbs, Kathy Reynolds, Zoe Kriegel,Rachel Whitten, Sarah Noviski, Sara Ruwe, Corrine Landers, Lindsay Johnson, Sonia Katsadas, Courteny Reginald, Travis Askew, Ashley Ferguson, Dina Notareschi, Emily Fender, Erica Martin, Kylie Levin, and Katherine Jett

Past MADI Lab Members

questions-1014060 960 720Krystal Duchi,Jessica Ortler,Danielle Rupprecht,Michael Stockton,Mandolyn Toth, Kayley Bevard,Alison Kristoff-LaJuett,Allison Lehmiller


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Nikki Craycraft, University of Illinoise, Urbana - Champaign, Psychology

Alexandra Paxton, A.B.D, University of California, Merced, Cognitive & Information Sciences

Alyssa Ibarra, University of Rochester, Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Brett Peters, University of Rochester, Clinical & Social Psychology

Jeremy Jamieson, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor), University of Rochester, Clinical & Social Psychology

Rick Dale, Ph.D. (Associate Professor), University of California, Merced, Cognitive & Information Scien

MADI LAB: PI - Jenny Roche 2015