Speech Pathology & Audiology Brownbag

Spring 2016 (CPA A129, 11:30am)

February 15: Tanya Falcone, MS, RD, LD & Amy Vaughn (KSU)

March 14: Dr. Anna Schmidt (KSU)

April 18: Dr. Lisa Audet Topic - Research on college students with ASD (KSU)

May 2: Dr. Laura Morett Topic - Gesture and speech production in ASD (Univeristy of Pittsburgh)


Fall 2015 (CPA A129, 11:30am)

September 28: Dr. Lindsey Butler (PhD - Linguistics at University of Arizona, working towards Masters in SLP, Penn State University)

October 26: Ms. Ashley Tyler (working towards Masters in SLP, Kent State) & Ms. Schea Fissel (working towards PhD in SPA, Kent State)

November 9: ASHA Practice Talks

November 23: Dr. Mark Krumm (Audiology Research Faculty, Kent State)

MADI LAB: PI - Jenny Roche 2015