Kayley Bevard (URA)

Kayley Bevard Pic

I am a Senior Undergraduate student at Kent State University. I am currently participating in a transient student program. This program has allowed me to go to Muskingum University for the first 3 years of my undergraduate education where I majored in Communication. In my fourth year I was able to come to Kent State and take classes here that are required to get into a Master's program for Speech Pathology. These classes will transfer back to Muskingum and allow me to graduate in the spring of 2015. At Muskingum, I completed my own research project which examined how college students perceive non-native dialects and the prosody can qualities associated with these dialects. My interest in dialect has lead me to continue my research. Here at Kent State I am heading my own research project which will examine the vowel acoustics that differ within the regional dialects of Ohioans. I am also aiming to determine if Ohioans can tell which region of Ohio is from based on how they produce their vowels. I hope to continue to expand my own knowledge in this sub-field of Speech Pathology so that I may put it to use in future clinical and research settings

MADI LAB: PI - Jenny Roche 2015