Julia Persinger


I am a current senior at Kent State University studying Speech Pathology and Audiology. I am originally from Cuyahoga Falls, OH. My interest in this field is primarily in the communication of the elementary population. Previously to working in this lab, I worked in another lab that studied the conversational patterns of children with ASD. From my research experience, I have gained the desire to one day pursue my PhD in an area pertaining to the speech and language of the elementary population and their linguistic characteristics. I acquired this focus through volunteering in a resource room and seeing the role that the SLP played in this setting.

I am a senior at Kent State University and will gradua

te with a bachelor of

science in speech-language pathology and audiology in May

2015. Previously, I

attended Case Western Reserve University studying political

science, so I have a

wide range of interests. I plan to focus my career and re

search on stroke

patients, particularly in aphasia and dysphagia. These ar

eas interest me because

both affected my grandmother for many years. I have bee

n president of the

student organization, NSSLHA, for two years, leading a

large group in community

service and educational opportunities. Outside of speech

-language pathology, I

enjoy singing and playing with my two cats and hedgehog.

MADI LAB: PI - Jenny Roche 2015