KSU Words Class, Spring '99




This is a site of lecture notes and exercises for the class English Words From Classical Origins at Kent State University.

Class Syllabus

Test Schedule:

Test 1 -- February 5 (Fri.) Pretest for Test One
Test 2 -- February 26 (Fri.) Pretest for Test Two
Test 3 -- March 22 (Mon.) Pretest for Test Three
Test 4 -- April 19 (Mon.) Pretest for Test Four

Final Exam -- 10:15-12:30, Tuesday, May 11, 1999

study sheet for the final
pretest for the final
review sheet over Units 1 and 2
review sheet over Units 3 and 4
more review (from 5/7 class)

These notes contain all of the words I looked up before class, which are not necessarily all of the words you are responsible for.

You are responsible for:

  1. the words in the book;
  2. the words I write on the board/overhead in class; and
  3. the words in the course packet and other class handouts.

NB: I usually wait a couple days after completing the chapter before putting the notes on the web. That is the reason why you might get a "Error 404 -- no such page" response when you hit the links.

**Get the course packet that students used for this class (95 k).**

Latin Section:

Notes Practice matching the meaning to the base

Latin Prefixes  

prefix practice
Chapter 2    Ch. 2 practice
Chapter 3  Ch. 3 practice
Chapter 4 Ch. 4 practice
Chapter 5 Ch. 5 practice
Chapter 6 Ch. 6 practice
Chapter 7 Ch. 7 practice
Chapter 8 Ch. 8 practice
Chapter 9 Ch. 9 practice
Chapter 10 Ch. 10 practice
Chapter 11 Ch. 11 practice
Chapter 12 Ch. 12 practice
Chapter 13 Ch. 13 practice
Chapter 14 Ch. 14 practice
Chapter 15 Chs. 15-16
Chapter 16

Greek Section:

Notes Practice Greek to English Practice English to Greek
Greek prefixes prefixes G to E
Chapter 3 Ch. 3 G to E Ch. 3 E to G
Chapter 4 Ch. 4 G to E Ch 4 E to G
Chapter 5   Ch. 5 G to E Ch. 5 E to G
Chapter 6 Ch. 6 G to E Ch. 6 E to G
Chapter 7 Ch. 7 G to E Ch. 7 E to G



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